Sunday, March 3, 2013

Duck Dynasty Entry

Hey all! How is your Sunday going? My Sunday has been great. In fact I am blogging from the happiest place on earth :0) so you will understand if i make it quick. I just wanted to quickly share my entry for the Duck Dynasty Nail Art Contest put on by the ladies over at polish gone crazy. You can find the link to their blog under the blogs I follow tab.

I have never watched the show so i was unsure of what i wanted to do. I knew camo was a must so I started there. I remembered a shirt I own that says " what the duck!?!" and it seemed fitting seeing as how I hear the people on the show are ridiculously funny in their own very odd way :0).
I am fairly certain I wont win but i decided to submit anyways to add some funny factor. 
You should stop by their facebook and check out the other entries.

As for me I am off to explore the caves of the Matterhorn in search of the yeti!

keep it polished!
<3 Jess