Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm finally back!

Hello ladies!(and gentleman too). It has been far far to long since I have been able to post anything (shame). I am so sorry for anyone who actually checks my page for the gross amount of in activity. It's been a crazy few months filled with school,.tests, family things and quite a few weddings!. Anyway this is my first Sunday off in quite some time and though I should be studying for yet another test....I have decided to treat myself to some good plan fashioned nail Polish! Now a fair warning has been a long while since I have attempted much more than a simple top coat on these little digits,  so I'm going easy and trying something simple...Oh and I'm blogging as I go along to ensure this post actually makes it up. So here we go!

Football season is upon us and I am a titans fan!!!! So I have decided to do a titans color scheme on my nails. Nothing too fancy just using my boys colors and attempting a straw manicure. I'm not sure that is even the actual name for it but I have seen many of the lovely bloggers I follow use this technique and I love the results so Let's give it a try shall we?

OK so I started with two coats of OPI Unfor-greta-bly blue.

After letting that completely dry...and eating some tacos...I moved on to trying to work with the straw. I used a red swizzle straw.

And used it to sort of stamp little circles on to the nails. For this I used a Sonia Kashuk silver called Smoke and Mirrors.
And a pretty little Titan blue from Essie called Avenue Maintain. 
Don't mind the white on the bottle...had a bit of a Polish explosion: 0(.
so how I did this was I put little dollops of Polish on a magazine and took the edge of the straw and rolled the edge of it in the Polish. I learned the hard way that simply dipping the straw just creates a big blob on the nail instead of neat little circles. I finished you the look with one of my favorite polishes as an accent nail, OPI liquid sand in Tiffany Case. Love love love this color.

So here is the finished look.

It didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. Mainly because I had some issue with placing the little straw circles in an creative and pretty way. But Hey it was my first try and That's what this blog is all about, not just sharing the good but Also the bad and the ugly; 0). What do you all think?
Hope you all enjoyed this little adventure. As for me it's time to watch the final 4 minutes of my game! Go Titans!!!!

keep it polished!
<3, jess