Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dr. Seuss!

Hey there everyone! I am so bummed that I haven't had as much time to started and physics is taking up sooooo much of my free time! I am committing to at least 1 post a week though, so keep an eye out! Today's post is quick ( I'm on my lunch break) but I wanted to share these fun Dr. Seuss nails.

My roommate is also a preschool teacher and they are doing a whole week on him, so naturally we had to do nails to match. :0)

So this is her right hand. In case you can't tell, the pinky is Thing 1 from Cat In The Hat, ring finger is the foot from The Foot Book, middle and thumb come together to form Cat in the Hat ( I took that design from the talented Sammy at the nailasaurus) and the pointer finger  is the plate of green eggs and ham.

As for the left hand, we have the cover of The Foot Book, the middle and thumb form the lion from Apples on Top, ring finger is a delicious green ham and pinky is Thing 1's partner in crime Thing 2. 

What do you all think? We were both pretty happy with the results :0)

Welp lunch is over and I gotta head back.

Keep it polished!
<3 Jess


  1. Great job Jessie... so you gonna come and do mine now? We're doing Dr. Seuss this week too, getting ready for his birthday on Saturday.