Sunday, January 20, 2013

the wishing flower

Hey all! Long time no post! So sorry for that. I have been crazy with work and planning my birthday party, yay!!!!

Anyways just a short post today to show off a little something. Yesterday I got together with my mom and had a chance to do her nails which was so fun for me. 

We decided on a "wishing flower" design. This "flower" is special to us because when I was young I would often pick them for her  on special occasions (mothers day, birthdays etc.). I had no clue they were actually weeds, to me they were beautiful and I loved making wishes.

After seeing the design on pintrest I knew it would be something my mom would enjoy. Please be warned the picture isn't great and,love my mom, she just couldn't sit long enough for me to clean up the edges so its a bit messy.

:0) even though its a bit messy, I like it for the pure sentimental value.

Now for the info: I used China Glaze Exotic Encounters which is an awesome forest green with a slight undertone of an almost blue? Lol obviously these are my descriptions and not those of the polish maker ;0). For the flower I used acrylic paint and nail art brushes, this was my first time using the acrylics and I like it much better than trying to paint with nail polish.

I did my nails as well today while watching football but will have to make you wait till later as I am about to meet up with one of my besties.

Have a great day and as always...keep it polished!
<3 Jess

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