Tuesday, January 15, 2013

saran wrap mani with rhinestone cascade

Hey there everyone! How was your Monday? Mine was filled with work and cleaning but I finally took some time to re do my mani. This is technically from the 31 day challenge, though I am not fully committed to doing that anymore. Not because I don't think its an amazing idea, but because when you work full time it is difficult to do a new mani every night ( not to mention the fact that sometimes I just really like what I have on and want to enjoy it for a few days).

So I have decided to use the challenge days as inspiration without a specific time frame :0) which is exactly what I did tonight.

My version of the saran wrap mani. What do you all think?

I have to say I am super happy with how this turned out, it was my first attempt at this type of manicure but it was super easy! The hardest part was trying to cascade the rhinestones ( an idea I copied after seeing it on one of my patients nails)

I used 2 coats of a Sephora color from their tinsel town collection for my base ( sorry I don't know the name, I threw the box out without realizing the mini bottles do not have the color names on them). After waiting for it to dry I painted each nail with a coat of one of my all time favorite colors 'For Audrey' by China Glaze and used pieces of crumpled saran wrap to dab and pick up some of the color. Once that was all dry I gave it a generous top coat of Seche Vite to protect the designs and ensure that my rhinestones will not fall off.

All in all it was a successful first try and I think I will definitely use this technique again. But for now it is freezing and I am off to get all comfy cozy in bed. Happy Monday everyone!

Keep it polished!
<3 Jess


  1. Love this!!! I've only done one saran wrap mani and completely failed at it -_- LOL but now I really want to try one again! I love the colors you used and the cascading rhinestones are SO cool! You have beautiful nails lady!! :)